Chamber Music

Tristich, for flute, violoncello and piano, 2017.
Guainumbi, for solo flute, 2017.

Etude-Caprice “Black Mesa”, for viola and violoncello, 2016.
, for flute, violoncello and percussion, 2015.

Chroma II, for violin, violoncello and piano, 2015
Caminantes IV
, for clarinet and guitar, 2015
, for violin and viola, 2013.
, for viola solo, 2012.
Memórias de Uma Paisagem Inexistente
, for flute quartet, 2012.
, for saxophone quartet, 2012.
Caminantes III, for trombone and contrabass, 2011.
Caminantes II, for oboe and viola, 2011.
Caminantes I, for violin and horn, 2010.
Constelación, for solo violoncello, 2010.
String Trio, for violin, viola and violoncello, 2010.
Ares, for flute and tape, 2011.
Reflejos, for solo guitar, 2011.

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